Ehime University Faculty of Agriculture / Graduate School of Agriculture

Course of Environmental Conservation

In recent years, the rapid industrialization of society and the consequent increase in resource demand have caused environmental pollution and deterioration of natural resources, leading to degradation of the natural environment and destruction of ecosystems on a global scale. It is no exaggeration to say the survival of all living things and ecosystems on Earth, including humankind, depends on whether we can build a sustainable society in accord with the material recycling of the natural environment.

To reflect the current circumstances, students on this course learn methods of scientifically observing and measuring the natural environment that is the foundation of life, learn methods of monitoring and analyzing the influence of disturbances of the ecosystem caused by human activities, and learn methods of preventing and ameliorating future environmental degradation. We seek to foster people who can actively work to protect the natural environment and its biological resources.

Research LaboratoriesMain Subject and Staff

Atmospheric Environmental Science

Ecosystem Conservation

We are trying to elucidate the characteristics of shallow water ecosystems and to determine what can be done for better management for the sustainable existence of human beings and other living organisms.

Ichiro TAKEUCHI , Professor,

Hiroshi ISHIBASHI , Associate Professor

Fish Conservation

Studies on conservation biology in aquatic organisms, with special notice to genetic variability using molecular markers.

Motohiro TAKAGI , Professor

Fish Reproductive Physiology

Studies of the molecular control mechanisms of spermatogenesis and oogenesis in aquatic animals, and establishment of the applied techniques in aquaculture based on the basic studies.

Takeshi MIURA , Professor


Studies of structure and function in agroecosystems, associated with experimental analysis of distribution and abundance of organisms and its relations to organic or inorganic environmental factors, for SATOYAMA integrated management of agricultural development and nature conservation.

Kazumasa HIDAKA , Associate Professor
Marine Molecular Ecology

Studies on organic matter processing, horizontal gene transfer and interplay among marine ecosystems with special reference to microbiology.

Yumiko OBAYASHI , Senior Assistant Professor
Molecular Cell Physiology
Applied Chemistry for Environmental Industry

Chemical properties and structure of microscopic colloids formed in the surface environment of the globe, and nano-level analysis of physical and chemical interactions between the colloids and chemical substances in the environment.

Naoto MATSUE , Professor,

Satoshi MITSUNOBU , Associate Professor ,

Satoru FUKUGAICHI , Associate Professor

Environmental Analytical Chemistry

We develop chemical measurements and ecotoxicological tests for environmental micropollutants and survey their environmental distributions and ecological impacts to elucidate their environmental fate and ecological risk. Besides, we evaluate and propose environmental sound waste treatment/recycling and effluent management to promote a sound material-cycle society.

Norihisa TATARAZAKO , Professor,

Shin TAKAHASHI , Professor ,

Hazuki MIZUKAWA , Associate Professor

Environmental Science for Industry

Development of analytical methods and treatment/recycle for environmental pollutants.

Ayato KAWASHIMA , Professor,

Hirohumi NAKAMURA , Senior Assistant Professor ,

Takafumi Matsushita , Senior Assistant Professor

Applied Science of Insect for Feed

Takeshi MIURA , Professor ,

MUHAMMAD FARIZ ZAHIR ALI , Assistant Professor