Ehime University Faculty of Agriculture / Graduate School of Agriculture

Academic Facilities

University Farm

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University Forest(Japanese only)

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Kumakogen campus

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Center of Advanced Technology for the Environment(CATE)(Japanese only)


Food and Health Sciences Research Center(Japanese only)

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South Ehime Fisheries Research Center(Japanese only)

The South Ehime Fisheries Research Center was established at Ehime University to carry out research into fisheries with the twin aims of promoting advanced research and regional cooperation.

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Research Center for High-technology Greenhouse Plant Production(Japanese only)

The Research Center for High-Technology Greenhouse Plant Production is carrying out research and development of various leading edge technologies towards establishing solar-heated plant factories, as well as training cultivation managers proficient in these basic technologies.

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Paper Industry Innovation Center(Japanese only)

This general research and education center has research functions for creating various seeds that will drive the next generation of products in the paper industry. We also have social cooperation functions for providing our research findings to the paper industry. By promoting the commercial application of new technologies and advanced research, we aim to contribute to regional industry.



Center for Marine Environmental Studies (CMES)

This center has four research divisions based on physics, chemistry, biology, and geology as the basic fields of the marine science and promotes comprehensive and interdisciplinary researches into the coastal marine environments/ecosystems and global marine pollution.


Division of Genetic Research the Advanced Research Support Center (ADRES)(Japanese only)


Center for Information Technology, Faculty of Agriculture(Japanese only)


University Libraries, Agricultural Library(Japanese only)