Ehime University Faculty of Agriculture / Graduate School of Agriculture

Department of Food Production Science

io-production technology and ensuring a stable supply of safe and secure food

The Food Production Science department offers education and research in plant production in fields, cultivation facilities, and plant factories, and the operations of distribution, storage, processing, and sale of crops to enable the development of bio-production technologies and to ensure the stable supply of safe and secure food expected of the agricultural sector. In addition, broad knowledge of cultivation, harvesting, distribution, storage, processing, and sales is required for "sixth-sector industrialization", for which social demand is high, and for analytical skills using leading-edge ICT, plant biometrics technology, and computers for "Smart Agriculture". Therefore, the program in this department aims to train researchers with a grounding in botany, agronomy, ecology, biological and environmental control, and other fields. Students acquire knowledge and methods in molecular biology and knowledge and methods in social science such as business administration and field surveys, while gaining the broad knowledge and skills required for food production in various forms from environmental conservation-type agriculture to plant production in plant factories. In this way, the program develops people who can contribute to the stable production and supply of food.

Course・Research Laboratories

DepartmentCourseResearch LaboratoriesTeaching staff
Department of Food Production Science Course of Agro-Biological Science Crop Science Teaching staff of
the course
Vegetable & Flower Science
Animal Science
Plant Pathology
Plant Molecular Biology and Virology
Soil Science and Plant Nutrition
Course of Biomechanical Systems Environmental Informatics and Control Teaching staff of
the course
Information Systems for Plant Factory
Environment Control in Greenhouse
Plant Biophysics / Biochemistry and Physiology
Plant biochemistry/molecular and cell biology
Plant Breeding
Agricultural mechanical system engineering
Distribution Engineering
Course of Agricultural
and Food Production Management
Regional Resource Management Teaching staff of
the course
International Agriculture
Survey of Livelihood in Maritime World
Food System
Agricultural policy
Agricultural Economics and Farm Management
Sociological Studies of Fisheries
Fisheries management and business
Course of Aquaculture
and Fisheries
Fisheries and Life Science
Teaching staff of
the course
Fisheries and Environmental Science
Fisheries and Social Sciences
Special Course of
Intelligent Food
Production Science
Intelligent Food Production Science Teaching staff of
the course