Ehime University Faculty of Agriculture / Graduate School of Agriculture

Message from the dean,Faculty of Agriculture・Graduate School of Agriculture

(トリミング)★学部長_03.jpgFrom the Dean

 In April 2016, the Ehime University Faculty of Agriculture and the Graduate School of Agriculture were restructured into three departments: Food Production Science; Bioscience; and Science and Technology for Biological Resources and Environment. This restructuring reflects the agriculture, forestry, and marine industries support of regional communities and desire to protect regional and global environments. In the three new departments, each with a special course leading directly to a master's program, we provide a unique curriculum based on food, life, and the environment, in which you can acquire highly specialized knowledge. After graduation, you can play an active part in your special field in Japan and overseas.

 The main campus of the Faculty of Agriculture is in Tarumi, Matsuyama, where students are afforded a comfortable and supportive environment. In addition, other university and faculty facilities throughout the prefecture offer diverse study and research opportunities. For example, through field work at the University Farm, in the mountains at the University Forest, and on the sea at the South Ehime Fisheries Research Center, you can study the agriculture, forestry, and marine industries as they are. Through experiments at the Advanced Research Support Center for gene research, Research Center for High-technology Greenhouse Plant Production, the Food and Health Sciences Research Center, and the Center for Advanced Technology for the Environment, you can learn about mechanism of life phenomenon, food and health, the latest agricultural technology, and environmental assessment techniques.

 At the Faculty of Agriculture, we look forward to helping you acquire practical capabilities through experiments and fieldwork in a productive and rewarding learning environment.

Shinsuke Haruta
Dean, Faculty of Agriculture, Graduate School of Agriculture