Ehime University Faculty of Agriculture / Graduate School of Agriculture

Department of Food Production Science

This department offers education and research related to the processes of plant production in fields, cultivation facilities, plant factories and so on, and the distribution, storage, processing and sale of crops in order to achieve the safe and reliable supply of food that is required of the agricultural sector. In addition, there is a requirement for broad knowledge of cultivation, harvesting, distribution, storage, processing and sales in the sixth-sector industry where social demand is high, and for analytical skills using leading edge ICT, plant bioinstrumentation technology and computers for smart agriculture. Therefore the program aims to develop personnel with a grounding in botany, agronomy, ecology, biological and environmental control and so on. Students acquire molecular biological knowledge and methods, and social science knowledge and methods such as business administration and field surveys, while learning a broad range of knowledge and skills required for food production in various formats, from sustainable agriculture to plant factories. In this way the program fosters personnel who can contribute to the stable production and supply of food.