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Graduate School of agriculture(Master's Program)

The educational philosophy of the Graduate School of Agriculture is to produce highly skilled researchers who will be able to contribute to the creation of a sustainable society symbiotic with nature and who can solve the various problems related to the development of a safe, secure and reliable supply of food, and who will elucidate biological functions and use of bio-resources for the creation, remediation, conservation, management and use of the biological environment. In accordance with this educational philosophy, our admissions policy is to welcome a diverse range of students, including adults and students from abroad, having the knowledge and skills they gained as undergraduates, who are eager to solve a variety of problems concerning food supply, life and the environment, and who are motivated by a desire for relearning and acquiring advanced technical skills.


Department of
Food Production Science

Course of Agro-Biological Science
Course of Biomechanical Systems
Course of Agricultural and Food Production Management
Course of Aquaculture and Fisheries
Special Course of Intelligent Food Production Science

Department of

Special Course of Food and Health Science

Department of
Science and Technology for
Biological Resources and Environment

Course of Forest Resources
Course of Biomass Resources Science

Course of Rural Engineering

Course of Environmental Conservation
Special Course of Water Reclamation Sciences
Special Course for Member of Society(Japanese only)

Special Course for International Students from Asia, Africa and the Pacific Rim

Admission policy

The educational philosophy of the Graduate School of Agriculture is to train students to become technical experts and researchers who will contribute to building a sustainable society in symbiosis with the natural environment by developing bio-production technology and ensuring a stable supply of safe and secure food; by elucidating bioscience and using bioresources; and by helping to resolve the problems of creating, rehabilitating, preserving, managing, and using biological environments.

Consequently, our admission policy is to attract students with expertise gained in the undergraduate program and who are passionate about helping to resolve the problems related to food, life, and the environment. We also welcome working professionals and international students who are strongly motivated to relearn and master cutting-edge technologies.

To fulfil our philosophy, the Graduate School of Agriculture has established three departments: Food Production Science; Bioscience; and Science and Technology for Biological Resources and Environment. We also provide special courses for working professionals and for international students from Asia, Africa, and the Pacific Rim.