Ehime University Faculty of Agriculture / Graduate School of Agriculture

Department of Bioscience

Clarifying biological functions and making effective use of biotic resources

Based as it is on biotechnology, bioscience is expected to contribute to various fields related to life such as achieving healthy lifestyles and healthy longevity through the analysis of biological phenomena. This program offers education and research into organic compounds, proteins, nucleic acids, enzymes and so on from the molecular level to the microorganism, plant and animal cell, and individual level. From the basics of elucidating biological phenomena at various levels using chemistry as a tool, we consider their application to various fields including the creation of innovative technologies using biotechnology, and the development of functional foods and medicines. We aim to contribute to society by clarifying biological functions and making effective use of biotic resources. Students gain a deeper understanding of biological phenomena and functions through broad lecture subjects in bioscience.
Through a wide range of experimental subjects and internship subjects, they develop the general and practical skills to handle various problems, enabling them to play an active role in wide-ranging bioscience related industries such as food products, chemistry, and medicine.