Ehime University Faculty of Agriculture / Graduate School of Agriculture

Department of Science and Technology for Biological Resources and Environment

Creating, rehabilitating, preserving, managing, and using biological environments

One core mission of agriculture is to create a sustainable society in which people live in symbiosis with the natural environment. To succeed in this core mission, it is necessary to acquire advanced scientific knowledge and skills for creating, remediating, conserving, managing, and using all the environments from the mountains to the sea in which humans and other living organisms live, including forests, farmlands, rivers, lakes and reservoirs, and seas.

Therefore, this department aims to train people who can understand and respond to the real environmental issues affecting many areas and who can take an active role at both the regional and global level. Specifically, we provide training in methods for environmental improvement and advanced methods for measuring and analyzing soil, water, and ecosystems. With that as an underlying foundation, we also provide instruction for basic and applied engineering knowledge in fields such as chemistry, biology, and physics. Our aim is to train people who can provide environments that allow humankind and other living organisms to share a relatively safe and livable coexistence.   

 After completing the Rural Engineering program (Japan Accreditation Board for Engineering Education (JABEE) accreditation program) in this department, students can qualify as an associate professional engineer. Students can also qualify as an associate surveyor after completing the Forest Resources course and the Rural Engineering course.

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