Ehime University Faculty of Agriculture / Graduate School of Agriculture

Course of Agro-Biological Science

Looking at the 21st century from a global standpoint, it is expected that food shortages and environmental pollution will become more and more serious due to the rapid increase in the world population and human activities. Based on these predictions, it is necessary to establish sustainable agriculture with high productivity through the advanced development and use of the biological functions of crops, livestock, and other biological resources while being mindful of environmental preservation.

In this course, education and research are conducted to establish and systematize new agricultural production technologies not only by studying traditional biology but also by applying molecular biological techniques.

In addition to attending lectures, students are given practical science education working on a farm, which helps to integrate theory and practice. In this way, the course of Agro-Biological Science aims to train people to have specialist knowledge and skills in agricultural production.

Research LaboratoriesMain Subject and Staff

Crop Science

Ecophysiological studies on photosynthesis, mass transport and dry matter production of field crops.

Takuya ARAKI , Professor,
Yuto HATAKEYAMA , Assistant Professor


Cultural and ecophysiological studies on fruit development and ripening in fruit trees.

Tsuyoshi HABU , Associate Professor

Vegetable & Flower Science

Physiological and ecological studies to improve the production system of vegetables and ornamental plants.

Keiko KATAOKA , Professor,
Hiroaki OHASHI , Assistant Professor

Animal Science

Studies on the physiology, behavior and nutrition of domestic animals for the efficient production.

Tetsuya TACHIBANA , Professor

Plant Pathology

Studies on morphogenesis and infection strategy of plant pathogens and
resistant response of host plant cells.

Takashi YAENO , Professor


Studies on the bionomics of both injurious and beneficial insects in agroecosystem, and on the species diversity to create the effective method

for environmental assessment.

Kazuhiko KONISHI , Professor,
Hiroyuki YOSHITOMI , Associate Professor

Plant Molecular Biology and Virology

Molecular analyses of plant and viral gene structure and function, gene regulation including gene silencing and plant response to viruses.

Kappei KOBAYASHI , Professor,

Hidetaka KAYA , Associate Professor

Soil Science and Plant Nutrition

Studies on soil science and plant nutrition toward sustainable agricultural production and envioronmental conservation by through basics to practical approaches.

Hideto UENO , Professor