Ehime University Faculty of Agriculture / Graduate School of Agriculture

Course of Biomechanical Systems

To establish the safe, stable, and sustainable production of safe and reliable food, we use ICT in the production process, formalize tacit knowledge in big data using a data mining technique, and realize smart crop production. Specifically, students are trained in devices, instruments, and theories for environmental control of cultivation in high-tech driven plant factories and facilities; biological information based plant growth diagnostic systems; and robots for automation. We aim to train people who can use these technologies and knowledge to take a holistic approach in addressing the issues related to food production.

Research LaboratoriesMain Subject and Staff

Environmental Informatics and Control

Innovative technology on the measurement, modeling and control of physiological responses of plants (vegetables and fruits) in plant factories, as affected by environmental factors, are studied to maximize production and qualities using intelligent sensors and computers.

Tetsuo MORIMOTO , Professor

Information Systems for Plant Factory

Knowledge database for bio informatics and cultivation management are studied for efficient and stable production of the vegetables in a plant factory based on information technology.

Kenji HATO , Professor

Environment Control in Greenhouse

The laboratory of Environment Control in Greenhouse is conducting researches on environment control based on plant diagnosis in greenhouse and green amenity defined as the effect of plants on human comfort.

Hiroshige NISHINA, Dr., Professor,Kotaro TAKAYAMA,Dr.,Associate Professor

Hiroshige NISHINA , Professor,
Kotaro TAKAYAMA , Professor,
Noriko TAKAHASHI , Senior Assistant Professor

Plant Biophysics/ Biochemistry and Physiology

The Plant Biophysics / Biochemistry Research Laboratory studies physiological responses in crop plants under environmental stresses caused by changes in nutrient, temperature, light and moisture conditions.

Hiroshi NONAMI , Professor

Plant biochemistry/ molecular and cell biology

Our lab studies the mechanisms regulating plant metabolism and development in response to environmental cues, using biochemical, molecular and cell biological approaches.

Yayoi ONDA , Associate Professor

Plant Breeding

Agricultural mechanical system engineering

Intelligent robots that collect information and support on each operation in greenhouse, and energy-saving agricultural machines are developed. We are providing research and education about engineering technology and systems required in order to support agriculture as industry.

Seiichi ARIMA , Professor,
Yuko UEKA , Senior Assistant Professor

Distribution Engineering

Distribution Engineering Laboratory studies development of distribution technology for improving qualities of agricultural products after harvest

Kazuya MORIMATSU , Assistant Professor

Design Engineering for Horticultural and High-technology Greenhouse (ISEKI & Co., Ltd.)

OKADA Hidehiro , Professor,
TADA Masato , Associate Professor,
SAKAI Yoshiaki , Assistant Professor