Ehime University Faculty of Agriculture / Graduate School of Agriculture

Course of Agricultural and Food Production Management

Food production is affected by many socioeconomic factors including legal, organizational, cultural, and customary. The circumstances surrounding food production nowadays are complicated by the advance of globalization. In Japan, the degradation of farmland is continuing and the stable supply of safe food is being threatened because of the decline in the numbers of and the aging of those working in agriculture.

Taking into account the factors above, this course offers education and research based on economics, business administration, social studies, public administration, and law related to establishing production and distribution systems for the stable supply of safe food. We seek to train practical people who advance education in and development of social survey methods and discussion techniques useful in the field and who can identify and solve problems themselves in any "region", both domestic and international.

Research LaboratoriesMain Subject and Staff

Regional Resource Management

Study of the function and use of agricultural land, water and biomass as regional resource for the construction of safe and secure food production system

Atsushi MATSUOKA , Professor,
Michihiko MAMADA , Senior Assistant Professor

International Agriculture

Survey of Livelihood in Maritime World

Comparative study of various maritime worlds from the viewpoint of livelihood. Considering the change of human-related phenomena in the maritime world and the role of the sea in human history, we will make a comparative maritime world study, particularly of the Southeast Asian maritime world, the Mediterranean Sea world and Inland Seto Sea world in Japan.

Katsuya OSOZAWA , Professor

Food System

Study of the marketing system and price mechanism of farm products, agricultural and life materials by economic, technical and political methodologies.

Akira NAKAYASU , Professor

Agricultural policy

This laboratory trains students to become knowledgeable persons who have the ability to formulate Agricultural policy.

Shinichi TSUBAKI , Associate Professor

Agricultural Economics and Farm Management

The principles of resource and environmental economics, economic analysis of sustainable agriculture and food issues.

HU Bai , Professor,
Kazuhiro YAMAMOTO , Associate Professor

Sociological Studies of Fisheries

Study of the structure of regional society in fishing area, and the solutions to problems in coastal fishery.

Yoshikazu WAKABAYASHI , Professor

Fisheries management and business

Study of sustainable development in the fisheries and fishing village, fishing products by economics, sociology, management and marketing theories.

Naruhito TAKENOUCHI , Associate Professor


Dynamic analysis on regional agricultural structure under a structural change in the world agriculture and trade policy.

Mamoru ITABASHI , Professor

International Student Advisor / International Exchange

Vergin Ruth Carol , Professor