Ehime University Faculty of Agriculture / Graduate School of Agriculture

Course of Applied Bioscience

This course offers education and research in wide-ranging fields, from the basics of clarifying biological phenomena at the levels of the molecule, cell and individual, to applications using biotechnology such as gene recombination and cell culture.

Using these advantages to the maximum, we aim to foster personnel who have broad knowledge and strong problem-solving capabilities and can play an active role in many industries such as food products and chemicals.

Research LaboratoriesMain Subject and Staff
Bioorganic Chemistry

The research and education about mechanism of biological activity and function of natural resource by employing technique of organic chemistry is offered.

Satoshi YAMAUCHI , Professor,

Hisashi NISHIWAKI , Professor,

Natural Products Organic Chemistry

Masato ABE , Assistant Professor

Nutritional Science

We investigate the relations between food composition and health by the animal experiments and then teach basic and applied knowledge of nutritional science.

Taro KISHIDA , Professor,

Mina FUJITANI , Senior Assistant Professor

Education and research on the structures and functions of Eukaryotic cells with biochemical and gene-technological methods, and utilization of microbes for the production of functional foods.

Seiya WATANABE , Professor

Takehsi ITO , Assistant Professor

Production of useful substances by microorganisms, improvement in fermentation technology, and development and application of microbe resources.

Masafumi MARUYAMA , Senior Assistant Professor
Fermentation Chemistry

We are investigating microbial biochemistry and fermentation physiology by the analysis based on genomic information and molecular biological techniques to obtaining basic information that contributes to next-generation fermentation technology.

Yoshitaka ANO , Associate Professor
Animal Cell Technology

We are investigating bio-functional substances such as immunostimulating factors and anti-cancer substances by using animal cell technology and molecular biological techniques.

Takuya SUGAHARA , Professor,

Kosuke NISHI , Associate Professor ,

Momoko ISHIDA , Senior Assistant Professor

Motoki MURAYAMA , Senior Assistant Professor

Molecular Physiology and Genetics

Grounded on molecular biology and gene technology, we are going to investigate diversity, physiological functions, molecular mechanism and regulation of active transport systems in cells against environmental stress.

Takayuki SEKITO , Professor,

Miyuki KAWADA , Associate Professor,

Koichi AKIYAMA , Associate Professor
Molecular and Cellular Functions

Each type of organelle has a distinctive role in the cellular functions. We seek to understand organelle activities, such as biogenesis and metabolisms, at the molecular level.

Mitsuru AKITA , Associate Professor

Community Health and Nutrition

We teach epidemiology and human nutrition. Also, we use the approaches of nutritional epidemiology to do research on the association between dietary habits (i.e. food and nutrient intakes, eating behaviors, and eating foods with function claims) and human health.

Koutatsu MARUYAMA , Associate Professor